$70,000/Year for Everybody! Sounds good to me!



$70,000 per year for everyone! It’s a great idea; I hope it gets more traction. But, I don’t think this commentator understands what she’s doing, nor do the commenters. There’s a myth out there that for harder work, you should get paid more, as an absolute. More Skill, More Pay. Rarer Skill, More Pay. More Responsibility, More Pay.

That’s Bullshit.

I say again: That’s Bullshit.

Where I work, everyone gets paid relatively close to the same wage, salary, no other questions asked. You get an allowance, based on where you live, for lodging, and a food allowance, for the total of your pay each month. As your job increases in responsibility, you get more pay, in very small increments.

Those that work slower get paid the same as those who do literally award-winning work. Whether we work 1 or 112 hours in the week, we get paid the same. Surprisingly, we all get along just fine on this arrangement.

There’s no resentment, angst or whatever is supposed to happen with such conditions. This is because we are taken care of, and we all know what we were getting into when we took the job. We think what we are doing is important, we know how we fit in, and therefore we’re mostly at least no more unhappy than anybody else.

The major lie I see in these Prevailing thought patterns on wages is they give so much power over to other people. When something is clearly unjust, people simply say “But everyone says this is how it works” without thinking about why it works that way. Maybe more importantly, people really don’t think about whether or not it SHOULD work the way it does.

There is no reason that people should be making so little money for hard work that they have to worry about money. No one should have to suffer if they’re working to the utmost of their ability. Frankly, no one should have to suffer. Full Stop. End Message. Clear Out.

If our system is causing suffering not absolutely necessary or unavoidable, it needs to be changed. Give it some thought.


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