I think I’ve Seen this before. It should stop.

There was an attack at a contest for the best Cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in Texas on Sunday.

Why there was should be obvious: It is a violation of one of the sacred tenets of Islam to depict the Prophet in any way (Although he does appear in some Islamic Golden Age Art, and elsewhere despite this prohibition). When you provoke people needlessly on something that cannot be quantified, on something they hold to be sacred, over and over and over again, you might drive them to do something radical in response. This holds true for essentially every -Ism and -Ist you can think of.

The event was put on by a Hate Group organized to resist the fictitious “Islamization of America” and essentially wipe everyone who isn’t them. They seem to be a group of Ayn Rand’s Followers who very much like using her Objectivist “Philosophy” which is, in effect, the exact opposite of the Socratic Method.

They’re also Racist, Anti-Muslim, Ultra-Nationalists who seem to creep up on Fascism from the Right.

And they’re using theories from the late 19th Century to describe the world.

I have been watching a bit of WWI Centennial film these past few weeks, and it’s complex, thought-provoking stuff. Two Series worth watching on Netflix are “Our World War” and “The World’s War: Forgotten Soldiers of the Empire.” I was watching the second one when I finally heard about this attack.

I had just heard about how the First World War reversed and smashed the 19th century perceptions of the Savage and Civilization; of Colonized and Colonial Power, of White Superiority and everyone else’s deserved subjugation.

Then, there it was again.

Look at point 4 here, where the quote below is drawn from. It was in NYC Subway Ads run by the same group that got attacked this weekend at their contest.

“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.”

The first four words I’ve turned Orange, because they’re the setup: War between Two Sides! One Shall Destroy the Other! Essentially, you have two sides whose mutual existence cannot be sustained.

The next Section sets up your two sides: The Civilized Man against the Savage. Note how that’s set up very carefully. The savage isn’t a human or a person. They’re a beast, livestock, Raging Bulls, Dingoes out to eat your babies. They’re not able to think, feel or reason; they are the Other: the Pariah, the Outcast, the Eternally Damned and Fallen Creatures.

The Third section gives the identification of sides: “Support the Civilized Man.” Exclude the Savage. Destroy the Savage. Be a part of the Civilized Man’s world and a help to his conquest over the unthinking, uncontrolled and impulsive despotism the Savage would impose on the world.

Lastly, let’s take this as a whole: Support the destruction of the Savage or you will be destroyed. Everyone other than the civilized man is a direct threat to your life, and must be killed or controlled by the Force of Arms.

Next, let’s take a look at the 19th Century perception of Race and Colonialism. If you want a great view of these theories, spend the time watching “The World’s War: Forgotten Soldiers of The Empire” and watch it explain the Imperial thought process. The Theories that dictated which colonial troops were going to be assigned to different tasks in the Army, whether Shock Troops, regular Infantry, or Labor Battalions was all “Scientifically” determined by things like the theories of the Martial Races, and whether Europeans thought the colonized people were naturally suited to warfare, or malingering.

So, these “Savages” from other parts of the world, who couldn’t express themselves in French and English, and were therefore considered Infantile and naturally unintelligent, were depicted as “Savages” who killed their natural superiors with, not the weapons of Civilized Warfare, such as Flamethrowers, Heavy Artillery, Hand-Grenades, Magazine-Fed Bolt-Action Rifles and Bayonets, but with Machetes, Daggers and other weapons more typical of their homes, and below Europeans.

Of course, the British were producing Hob-Nailed Clubs for their Raiding Parties. The Italians, French, Americans and Germans all Mass-Produced Trench Daggers for close-in fighting, and there were hundreds of other equally brutal and effective hand-to-hand combat weapons designed and made by Europeans which equated to these used by the Colonial Troops, but mentioning such things would have simply proved the point that when you really, really need to kill a person, almost anything can be made to work, and will be used by everyone, Race and Culture be damned.

Admitting such a fact of Warfare, its brutal nature, and realities of combat would have been to admit Western Civilization is no better than anyone else once the chips are down. Killing doesn’t change based on what culture you’re from, it will always be ugly.

However, 100 years after, these theories, which were destroyed and upturned so thoroughly over the past century, still persist. They continue to drag on the Imperialist reflex of those who stand no risk in the Imperial Peace, and wish to find a way to dehumanized everyone who isn’t them, who disagrees in the slightest, or who holds that maybe it’s worth respecting somebody else just because they exist.

Respect, of course, does not guarantee acceptance, or toleration. I, for one, refuse to tolerate those who place Personal Gain above Human Life; who dehumanized others; who cannot empathize. I would not tolerate or accept a Hitler, Stalin, or Czar, and neither should anyone else. Their views are anathema to Peace, Justice and something like Truth, just like the views of the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

Such groups, who drag up the sorry, beaten and bruised trope of the Savage and Civilization, Empire imposing Control and Discipline on those who are naturally unable to control themselves like small children (And who should be thanking the Empire for so doing) are doomed. Unfortunately, they are doomed to bring the rest of us down with them as long as we continue to tolerate their speech and public expression.

I am just as intolerant as they are. I will admit it freely. I hate them and their kind vehemently. I encourage Legal action, direct protest, and a generalized push back against all that is wrong with these ways of thinking. We know they are wrong, and have known for a very long time. We should be treating them like the Savages they so greatly desire we turn against, since they are, in fact, Savages, by their own definition: Infantile, lacking in Self-Control, and in need of solid dose of Education and Discipline from an External Source.


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