14 Years Later

14 Years ago, there were heroes and victims and villains. Thousands of the first two, and a handful of the later. Their actions and memories will go down in History and legend as they so rightfully deserve.

But it’s 14 years later, and we haven’t Mourned or Moved on.

We Continue to be Blackmailed by the Dead, in a blind Nationalistic fever.

It has to stop.

After September 11th, we went to War. The Global War On Terror (Got the Medal and a silly hat for it a few years ago).

It has to stop, because we have no perspective on the world in the United States.

Assuming only 100,00 casualties for the Iraqis over the 8 years of Occupation (2003-2011), that’s about 4.5 9/11 size attacks per year. If you’re still shocked, appalled and enraged (and possibly in the right so to be) about 9/11/2001, Imagine how Disgusted, Enraged, Appalled, Shocked and Disillusioned you’d be if it happened every 81 days for 8 years.

That is what the past 14 years of US Foreign Policy has brought to Iraq Alone, at the absolute minimum. In fact, the numbers to 2011 have been traced to nearly 120,000. Afghanistan, Syria, and others are all in addition to that. And, that’s only since 2001, not the damage we did before.

Something to think about before you get overly Nationalistic about being attacked.

We need to mourn our losses, bury our dead, and let them rest. Instead, we’re dragging them up every year and holding their burnt, bloody corpses to the sky as we demand revenge anew.

We need to realize that September 11th was a tiny dose of the medicine we have been prescribing to literally everyone who disagrees with us since the end of the Second World War. Maybe the only way to have that perspective happen is a War on US Soil, where the average US Citizen is effected, with their family ripped apart day after month after year, but I hope not. I stand on the wall to prevent that from happening. The least the rest of you could do is consider doing  a little Emotional Math this year.



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