Foundations Explained

ASIMOV: The Foundations Project

It is essential to address the current global energy and sustainability crisis. Global Warming, Fossil Fuel Dependence, Resource Shortages, Water Supply, Food Supply, and Unsustainable Electrical Generation all contribute to a rapidly looming Malthusian Crisis. Developing sustainable and “green,” energy efficient methods for rapid implementation should be a national and private priority, using all methods available. Those implemented first should involve the least material-intensive designs.

The ASIMOV Foundations Project’s Mission is to Solve Modern Problems through the Application of Ancient Technologies. The Project will research, develop and replicate Historic technologies alongside the best manners of adapting them to Modern needs. Through the use of Historic mill designs, farming techniques, tools and ideas, the Foundations Project will rapidly develop detailed literature, plans, kits and instructions on historic technologies relating to sustainability, organic farming and other such fields. These will be destined for distribution to farms and other entities in the USA and worldwide in an effort to begin solving the aforementioned problems.

The Project will require equipment to start. Among the concerns already raised, about   eighty Acres of ground suitable for farming with several buildings and workshops, including a forge, wood shop, tannery, farm buildings, dormitories, and an archival-quality library are on the inventory. Basic Farm Equipment will also be required, such as tools, a tractor with several attachments for haying, harvesting, dragging and many other items. Tools and Skilled members in the trades as well as those skilled in research will also be required for the realization of the end mission. Starting off, it is more practical to discard the Ideal situation described above. Purchasing a large plot of land which could be put into use quickly using the pre-existing buildings and facilities is far more practical and is the favored manner for developing the Foundations Project. Other buildings and projects will simply build themselves around the original structures.

Further, the Project will require skilled artisans and members with the knowledge and skills to achieve the stated objectives. A search for these persons will  commence once the basic provisions are covered,  and as provisions for projects are made. Contracting for specific parts of projects from each artisan will likely be the most practicable method for starting the Project. Support from the local Communities will also be required, as explained in several of the major projects contained hereinafter, such as the Outliers Initiative, Corvée, etc.

Another aspect of the Foundations Project is its effect on the local employment situation. As agriculture requires large amounts of labor, and the Foundations Project is based on an idea which partly limits the mechanization of this labor, the Foundations Project will have a larger than normal pull for labor. This side effect could, in many areas, be mutually beneficial for the community and the Project.

The Project will require large amounts of initial funding, with budgets yet to be determined. This will require several major donors at a corporate or large personal donor level if the possibility of donated resources is discounted. Should land, buildings or money be donated initially these factors will be lessoned. The ASIMOV Foundations Project, if funded, could be running in 12 months from construction of the principal buildings. Once these are established, the systems for developing the proposed products would be developed as quickly as possibly, some within the first year for distribution.


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