Debate Starter:

To the Right Wing:

Saying the second amendment is so you can have comparable firepower to the Military is absurd at this point in history. Do you have nukes, air power, rocket launchers and cruise missiles? No, you dont, and most of you dont have the training to use them. If you were to rebel, the army and police would crush you in days, because you also dont have training, electronic countermeasures, endless supplies of munitions, or manpower like they do.

Therefore, please be quiet.

To the left wing:

If you are not familiar with weaponry, please dont spout off on it. Learn the skills and knowledge needed to handle the things. Find out first hand what they are and are not, then come to the table.

To everyone else:

Lets widen this debate a little. lets look at not only gun laws, but violence as a whole. That includes not only guns, but knives, bombs, garrote, etc. Also, lets see some research into commonalities in these events, for an idea of what we can do on the social, economic, psychological sides of this. Let’s look at any number of other factors, such as Training Requirements for carrying weapons, and anything else that could come into play.

Ok, go.


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