Mass Shootings and Regulations.

If I may Chime in on the whole Gun-Control and Firearms Rights:

I’m Military, and currently on Active Duty. When the Recruiting-Station shooting happened a few months ago, there was a big push among my comrades to have everybody armed. Rifles issued to every uniformed member on base.

That’s a horrible Idea.

First, I now have to carry around that weight all day, and maintain the weapon.

Second, Because everyone can see I am armed, I become the first Target.

Third, I could snap, and then the impulse isn’t controlled by the fact that all I’m carrying is a knife. Anyone could snap and not even have the cool-off time of having to go arm themselves.

Fourth, and most important: I DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE WITH FIREARMS.

I used to work with guns daily, alongside dozens of other types of weapons. Firearms are the most deadly type I have ever used, and I’ve trained with every classification of weaponry Humans have invented. As far as I know, these people I serve with have fired 60 bullets, at paper, under absolutely no stress, in their entire life.

Dealing with someone who might be shooting back, while bullets are flying, and dozens of other elements are in play, is NOTHING like what we did in Basic Training, or our Qualification training. There is no reason to believe that the average service member will perform under stress while being attacked.

The deal I struck with the shop was, I will trust them if they can pass the USMC Infantry Combat School. Fire thousands of rounds of ammunition under extreme levels of stress, in all types of conditions, even with real bullets are coming back at you. If you can do that, I will trust you with a firearm.

Some people argued they didn’t need to, because they had training. I told them they would simply have an easy time at the course, then. They need that certificate to tell me they are qualified.

If you are going to have a Handgun,, you should have to annually pass a Law-Enforcement level Firearms Qualification Course, complete with a shoot-house. The same one the police use for their training, including the legal requirements so you know what is and is not lawful use of force.

If you want a rifle or shotgun, I see no reason you would want a military weapon. As far as I’m concerned, Repeating arms are about where things flatten out sports wise. Outside of Combat-Oriented shooting Sports, no one uses semi-auto or automatic weapons. Those are designed for use against an opposing force intent on killing you. There’s no need for them in the civilian market (Aside from Historical interest, but then you can get certifications as a Collector or Museum) for the vast majority of people. These weapons are, for the most part, less accurate, less well built, and lower quality than many commercial arms meant for target shooting and sports such as hunting (With a few notable exceptions).

Long Story Short, You should have to be Qualified by a Competent Authority to carry firearms. You don’t generally need military-type weapons for civilian use. You shouldn’t Open-Carry, because it just makes you the first one Targeted.


Further things to consider in this debate, and will potentially have follow-up articles:

Physical Fitness requirements to carry firearms.

2ND Amendment protections only applying to service in the Militia.

2ND Amendment Rights not a Preemption of State or Local Regulations.

2ND Amendment as basis for Mandatory National Service Requirement.

2ND Amendment does not allow possession of all types of weapons.

Futility of Armed Rebellion against first and second world states.


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