January ARF Serial: Introduction.

The American Revolution was the struggle of the Everyman against Tyranny! They stomped on our rights, and got what was coming to them! Right? The Founding Fathers made this country the pinnacle of Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for the entire world to look at, and want to be! Right?

You can’t seriously doubt this! We have the Constitution! The Declaration of Independence! Hundreds of years of being equal, where you can get ahead if you do lots of hard work, and where you can keep your property! Right?

Are you sure?

The Story of how We beat the British as a fully united nation, rising up against oppression is familiar to everyone. It’s an inspiring story of how we Defeated a standing army with just militia who hid behind trees and disappeared into the population when they weren’t needed, returning to their peaceful agrarian lives which they never would have abandoned if not for England’s Oppressive Policies.

This story Is completely, entirely, and unequivocally false.

It’s a story pushed by those who would love you to think that, of course. It’s part of the American Dream, used to rationalize everything from a lack of gun control so we can overthrow the government (while the only people to ban firearms in the Revolution were the Americans…) to making sacred all forms of Private Property (Can’t have Taxes, they’re oppressive!).

It’s also a lie. The history of the American Revolution is Murderous, Unjust, Unfair, Coerced, and Forced. It was based entirely on Selfishness, Greed, Power and Prejudice. The founding fathers, venerable figures raised to Godhood in the National Consciousness, were the forbearers to Mussolini and Franco, in the worst way possible.

Over the course of the next year, I’ll prove it, and talk about why it’s important and must change. But for some starters, think about these little details:

If we defeated the Evil British Empire with an Everyman’s Militia, why does this exist? It’s a pretty basic proof that we had a Professional Army.

If this was Everyman’s Fight, what about this? Or This? Or This? 

Tune in over the next few months to get a little more of why the story we tell ourselves is not only wrong, it’s downright dangerous.

Modern Nationalism found its roots in the American Revolution and would, 150 years later, evolve into Fascism as seen in Spain, Italy and Germany. The Roots of the Ideas, Techniques, Rhetoric and most General Forms of Fascism are present in the American Revolution.

The American Revolution shared so many of the aspects of the Fascist Revolutions in Spain, Italy and Germany during the first half of the 20th Century, the connections are so close it would be entirely justified to consider the Separatist elements during the American Revolution Fascists. Parallel patterns of rhetoric, political violence, propaganda, instilling fear of invisible internal enemies, and destruction or forced removal of said enemies are only a few of the many connections. The purpose of this paper, now published in Monthly Serial Form, is to expose these connections in a clear, concise and simple manner while holding actions in both time periods to a uniform standard of analysis.

The paper is divided into several sections covering the several aspects where there are direct comparisons between Revolutions. Sections will be found covering Definitions, Political Violence, Propaganda, Popular Support and Maintaining Social Control.  The parallels covered in these sections are summarized in the last three portions, followed by a final set of conclusions. The final conclusions offer recommendations on future scholarship, suggested adjustments to patterns of interpretation for the American Revolution, and other general observations it is thought are necessary.


The individual time periods and sub-fields covered in this paper have been covered extensively. Every respect of both the Fascist regimes of the 20th century and the American Revolution have been picked apart by historians since their respective movements were born, and frequently in minute detail. Economic, social, political, philosophical and historical factors all have been individually considered for each of the conflicts herein treated.

However, I have been unable to find any literature covering both time periods or making any connections between the two.  Philosophically, I have found the same to be true: Both Fascism and the American Revolution extensively covered, yet not in tandem, and without connection.

With this as the case, I can only speculate as to the reasons for avoiding this too-clear connection.


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