July ARF Serial: Conclusions and why this all matters.

Conclusions; Or, Why we should care about all this. 

As we’ve seen over the past few months, there was nothing remotely Democratic, Egalitarian, or Just about the American Revolution. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done about this reality now, some 240 years later. Chronology is a reality we have to deal with.

However, there are many things we can do to make our current situation better, using this knowledge.

First, understanding the reality of the American Revolution establishes a better understanding of why many American Ideals are based entirely off of fallacies. The idea of a country where merit only is the measuring stick for a person’s worth is proven entirely wrong, as is the idea of the Founders’ Nobility and Innocence.

Ditching the Hero Worship, and insistence upon adhering to what any one of the founders would have wanted would save the US from itself. What was important 240 years ago might not be so now, though there are enduring principles long predating the Revolution enshrined in the Constitution and Founding Documents which merit respect.

However, using the Founders to support or deny a litany of actions beneficial to the populace, including Healthcare, Firearms, Public Lands, or Financial Regulation are all based in looking for the support of Fascists. This is setting aside the nonsensical nature of this peculiar form of Blackmail of the Living by the dead, and its other massive problems.

Second, looking at US History from a more critical perspective, from the founding to the present day, will give a clearer perspective to the nation on what the United States is really responsible for. This includes a litany of Genocides, War Crimes, Invasions, Slavery, Racism, Imperialism and many other unjust actions which must be redressed if we are to survive. Only by looking from the very start at our flaws will we start to see ourselves for what we really are; the first step is admitting there is a problem at all.

Third, is the idea of Reputation versus Reality. The reputation the US holds, at least internally, is nothing like the reality. However, in the long term, Reputation will change to follow reality, and this is something we need to come to terms with. Understanding it’s not acceptable to simply deny a problem, or perpetuate a longstanding injustice would be a good change for the US.

There is much left to do with this topic. Objections for offences such as not dealing with Thomas Paine, as well as various other specific characters (though they fit all the criteria more generally defined in the course of the paper) will inevitably be brought forward, and thus should be addressed. Further primary source research in the broadsides and propaganda of the time, in addition to more patterns of violence and variations over the colonies is also needed. Another fascinating study would be analyzing the internal consistency of the American Revolution, alongside Hobbes and Lockean Theory upon which it was supposedly based.

However, despite the abovementioned deficiencies in current research on this link, clear patterns are present. The American Revolution is linked clearly to Fascism as an early developing form. This correlation is strong and should be addressed by those scholars with the time and resources to dedicate to this pursuit. As a non-academic, public historian, a lack of time especially, as well as access to many critical databases and archives for such pursuits is painfully clear.


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